Stop being ridiculous Davis bus company

I WOULD like to comment on the bus service in Ballarat.

Recently a young acquaintance of mine was lucky enough to gain employment after being out of work for some time.

The only problem being that his place of work is on the opposite side of town to where he lives. The solution being riding his bike (that can be folded up and sits on his lap) into the city centre and then catching a bus to his workplace.

All was going well until all of a sudden he was refused entry on to the bus with his folded up bike.

After ringing the bus company he was assured that there should not be a problem, however the same thing happened again the next day, refused entry again.

How can this be happening? People with prams are allowed on the bus and of course they should be.

I've also seen young people with skateboards on the bus and rightly so.

Please Davis bus company, stop being ridiculous and let commuters with no other means of travel onto the bus.

It could mean the difference between having a job and being unemployed.


Soldiers Hill


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