Climate sceptic speaks in Ballarat

Democratic Labor Party Senator John Madigan has defended supporting a tour by climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton. 

The controversial British peer spoke last night at St Patrick’s College as part of a tour sponsored by the Victorian DLP and Senator Madigan. 

In an address titled “Carbon Tax, Climate Scam, UN Treaties: Can Democracy Survive All Three?” Lord Monckton promised to do “due diligence” on perceived threats from government action on climate change in Australia.

Senator Madigan said he welcomed debate from the one-time adviser to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and welcomed all views on the subject. 

“The major parties have had their hands on the steering wheel of Australia for 112 years since Federation,” Senator Madigan said. “I have always said everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if Lord Monckton is going to challenge people to do some research or look at the facts, I welcome that.” 

Speaking before his speech yesterday, Lord Monckton said he had “huge admiration” for Senator Madigan. 

“He is someone with whom I see eye to eye and I am admiring of his party for reintroducing some kind of down-to-earth rationality to the political discourse,” he said. 

Attendance at the presentation was lower than for his previous visit in July 2011, which Lord Monckton said was the result of people learning of the “climate change fraud”.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition volunteer Maggie Towers rejected the visit and said the DLP should “talk to scientists about science”. 

“The whole purpose of his tour is to cause confusion and to lead people to think there is still a debate in the scientific community about climate change,” she said. 

“He presents things as fact when they are not, picks snippets out of a journal and twists the truth around.”

Lord Christopher Monckton speaks in Ballarat.

Lord Christopher Monckton speaks in Ballarat.


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