Pensioners are being ignored by politicians

Well, I find it amazing that the federal government has granted some pensioners a $6.80 per fortnight pay rise. What will that buy? Two litres of milk and a loaf of bread?

As was stated a few weeks ago, no one can live on what the government think we are worth.

They keep telling us what the weekly average wage is, approximately $900-plus per week, and yet some people don't get that, especially the working class people.

Why don't you work out what they get on average, don't include anyone who earns more than $50-60,000 per year, then work the average out.

It is a disgrace to treat pensioners with contempt. We have paid our taxes all these 40 or 50 years and you still treat us like dirt.

Not one of you so called politicians, Labor or Liberal, can look us pensioners in the eye and say, "Sorry we know $700 a fortnight ($350 per week) is not enough take out your rent, about $300 per week".

You really don't care because you think 750,000 pensioners won't be able to vote you out.

I would love to sit down with a politician face-to-face and tell them what I think, but once again you all hide until the election then you promise the world.

My old mum had a saying, "Give them nothing, take them nowhere".

That was 50 years ago, things have not changed.




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