Driver killed as street-sweeper crushes car

A street-sweeper has run over and crushed a car, killing its driver in a "horrific" crash in Gippsland.

The driver of the street-sweeper has been treated for shock. The driver of a second car that was somehow involved has been hospitalised with a broken ankle.

The accident happened on the South Gippsland Highway at Foster North at 8.04am on Wednesday, said Ambulance Victoria spokesman John Mullen.

"We don't know how it happened," said Mr Mullen. "The police are trying to work it out. The car has ended up under the street sweeper and the person has been trapped and deceased.

"How it happened I've got no idea. It's a street sweeper and, I think, a BMW sedan."

Mr Mullen said the age and sex of the driver of the crushed car was uncertain.

He said that, somehow, a second car became involved in the collision. The driver of that car had been taken a local hospital with an ankle injury.

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