Media driving young women to extremes

Being a curvaceous young woman I find it absolutely ridiculous how hard it is to find clothes that fit, because they are now being designed for a smaller and smaller fit.

Whatever clothes left available are nothing more than a thin piece of material that covers little to nothing at all.

I personally think it's the media's fault this epidemic is occurring.

It is the media that depicts images of girls in music videos and in magazines wearing things like shorts that could be used as underwear, and shirts that leave half their stomachs bare to people's view.

This is leading young girls to believe this is how they have to dress to be considered beautiful.

This warped view affects girls (and some males) into hating their own reflection, leading to serious issues.

Such as girls starving themselves to become skinny like the models in the magazines.

When the girls can't get that "ideal weight" it can cause serious mental issues like depression. "Why can't I be like her, I'm ugly" - this is how they see themselves.

And sadly these views tend to stick with these girls for the rest of their lives, leading to them becoming miserable adults because they are still chasing that fantasy of beauty they have grown up with.


Black Hill


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