War of words on health funding continues

I NOTE the federal Liberal candidate John Fitzgibbon, new to politics, recently penned a letter to The Courier (February 27) where he asserts that he wished 'to clarify some points about the so-called blame game over health funding', to use his words.

Clearly Mr Fitzgibbon is happy to be fed the misinformation pushed upon him by other Liberal advisers rather than presenting anything at all resembling the facts.

In his opening statement he states that the Baillieu government inherited a budget in disarray when it narrowly beat the former Brumby government in 2010.

This, according to Mr Fitzgibbon, appears to justify the Baillieu government's cuts to hospital budgets, or the creation of 'efficiencies' as he puts it.

Fact: The Baillieu government inherited a 'triple A' rated budget which was in surplus, as were all budgets of the Bracks/ Brumby years. Most European economies cannot claim likewise.

It would be nice if Mr Fitzgibbon actually studied up on the facts rather than simply pushing lazy Liberal Party rhetoric.

Geoff Howard

Ballarat East MLA


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