Domestic violence: Everyone can take a stand

THE devastating impact of domestic violence and, more specifically, violence against women in Ballarat can no longer be ignored.

Identified by Ballarat police as its number one issue through tragic cases of serious injury and deaths, and in hundreds of homes in the streets where we live, domestic violence has become a scourge on our community. The financial cost is significant. The human cost is immeasurable.

The time has come to take action.

Today, The Courier, teaming with the White Ribbon Foundation of Australia, and with the assistance of multiple regional welfare and community organisations asks our readers to make a formal statement about the society in which we want to live.

In the next six months, we will regularly publish stories covering every angle of this important issue because we believe it can make Ballarat a better place to live. Not to be violent and not to remain silent. This is the simple message about not perpetuating violence and by speaking up against those who do.

Join us on this journey. Tell us your story and sign the oath. It’s up to us to make a difference.

- Andrew Eales, Editor