Local animator's series to screen in the USA

WHAT started out as a dummy project for local animator Heath Bradley is slowly turning into something bigger.

The 44-year-old Golden Point resident recently had his animation series Bangers picked up by public access television in the USA.

With the help of friends and musicians who have contributed to the comedy, the series has also started to attract a small cult following from audiences around the world.

"I haven't been finding much love in Australia but I have been getting messages from South America and parts of eastern Europe," Bradley said.

Having studied multimedia in the late 90s, Bradley then decided to focus mainly on traditional 2D animation.

It was his eagerness to improve his animation skills that lead to him creating the Bangers project.

"Bangers started as a test project that let me define and refine my drawing and editing skills," Bradley said.

"I wanted to improve how I drew bodies and heads in my own style so I put together a series so I could fine tune all those traits."

The animation is a series of one to two minute clips following a group of workers and the highs and lows of their life.

"All the characters are bangers in their own right - having a go, having a crack at life," Bradley said.

It could be said that Bradley's own desire to "have a crack at life" that played inspiration to the television series. For all he knows, he could have the next Family Guy in his hot little hands.

"It's still very tiny but one of my goals is to expand my tiny cult following from a couple of hundred to a couple of million.

"To get a nod from the US is pretty cool for me. It's just another step in the right direction."

Heath Bradley's animation series Bangers will be screened on public access TV in the USA.

Heath Bradley's animation series Bangers will be screened on public access TV in the USA.

To watch episodes of Bangers, visit https://vimeo.com/handltv


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