Ballarat Gift Carnival to open with twilight program

Ballarat youngster Nick Milton
Ballarat youngster Nick Milton

BALLARAT Athletic Club will open its two-day Gift carnival with a twilight program at the Eastern Oval on Saturday, February 8.

Ballarat Gift and women’s gift heats will be run after 6pm.

Draft schedule for the rich Victorian Athletic League meet:


2pm:  Victorian  Junior Dash for Cash  100m, 200m, 800m heats

4.00:  800m frontmarkers’ handicap heats

4.10:  800m backmarkers’ open handicap heats

4.20:  70m open handicap heats

5.15: Victorian Junior Dash for Cash 400m heats

6.05: 70m open sprint Handicap semi-finals

6.20: Ballarat Women’s Gift 120m heats

6.35:  Ballarat Gift 120m heats

7.10:   fashions on the field

7.40: 300m Veterans’ Handicap heats

8.00: 120m novice handicap heats

8.25: 400m novice handicap heats

8.45: 70m open handicap final

9.00: 3200m open handicap final

9.15: 300m veterans’ handicap final

9.30: 400m novice handicap final


9.30am: Victorian Junior Dash for Cash 100m sem-finals (8 races) 

10.10:   120m veterans’ handicap heats

10.30: Victorian Junior Dash for Cash 800m finals (2 races)  

10.50: 800m frontmarkers’ handicap final

11.05: 800m backmarkers’ open handicap final 

11.20: 120m veterans’ handicap final

Noon:  Ballarat Women’s Gift semi-finals

12.15pm:     Ballarat Gift semi-finals

12.35: Victorian Junior Dash for Cash 200m (1 race) and 400m (2 races) finals

1.00: 400m frontmarkers’ handicap heats

1.25: 400m backmarkers’ handicap heats

1:45: 120m novice/under-21 handicap finals

2:00: Victorian Junior Dash for Cash 100m finals  (4 races) 

2:20: 400m frontmarkers’ handicap final

2:30: 400m backmarkers’ handicap  final

2:45pm 1600m veterans’ handicap final

3.00: 1600m open handicap final

3:15:   Ballarat Women’s Gift final

3:30:  Ballarat Gift final

3.50pm    4x200m stable relay