'Stupid idiot' fined for unlicensed drink-driving in Ballarat

A BALLARAT woman had drank "about ten glasses of port" and was unlicensed when she was caught driving by police in September last year, a court has heard.

Gwynneth Brereton, 53, appeared in Ballarat Magistrates Court this morning where she pleaded guilty to drink driving and unlicensed driving.

The court heard Brereton told police "I've been a stupid idiot" after she blew .168 during a preliminary breath test on September 6 last year.

Detailing the offending to the court, police prosecutor Senior Constable Clint Prebble said Brereton produced a license which had expired in March, 2013, before she told police she had been drinking port mixed with water.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose slammed the offending, saying that coupled with a concerning and similar prior history, Brereton was a "total irresponsibility" on the roads.

"As she said, she was a stupid idiot," Ms Toose said while sentencing.

"She shouldn't be on the road."

Brereton's defence lawyer, David Tamanika, said his client had a history of making "ordinary" decisions when driving, yet said Brereton hadn't offended for some time.

Mr Tamanika said Brereton decided to drive on the night in order to find her 17-year-old son who had run off following a fight with another family member.

"She doesn't say she is a frequent drinker," Mr Tamanika said.

Brereton was fined $1000, while her license was disqualified for 16-months.

A Ballarat woman was fined at the Magistrates Court this morning.

A Ballarat woman was fined at the Magistrates Court this morning.