Track and field: Wendouree best performed Ballarat club in Vic Country titles

WENDOUREE was the best performing Ballarat Regional Athletic Centre club in the Victorian Country Track and Field Championships at Llanberris at the weekend.

Wendouree finished fourth in the overall points aggregate won by Chilwell.

It finished second to Bendigo Harriers in the men’s events, while the club’s women were sixth.



Chilwell 1038.50

Bendigo Harriers 995.5

Eaglehawk YMCA 880

Wendouree 761.83

Geelong Guild 755.5

Other BRAC clubs:

7 Eureka 542

12 Harriers 303

14 YCW 271



Eaglehawk YMCA 617

Chilwell 557.5

Geelong Guild 409.5

Wellington 370.5

Eureka 297

Other BRAC clubs:

6 Wendouree 50

13 YCW 120

15 Harriers 90



1 Bendigo Harriers 799

2 Wendouree 485.33

3 Chilwell 475

4 Geelong Guild 334

5 Bellarine 319

Other BRAC clubs:

8 Eureka 245

11 Harriers 213

12 YCW 151




Darcy Edgerton (E) men’s under-14 javelin

Nick Fidler (W) men’s under-14 1500m

Brady Castleman (W) men’s under-16 high jump

Laura Hutchins (E) women’s under-18 shot put

Laura Hutchins (E) women’s under-18 discus

Nick Milton (W) men’s under-18 400m hurdles

Ross Darlow (E) men’s under-20 5000m walk

Kobie Somerfield (H) women’s under-20 5000m walk

Louise Wood (Y) women’s under-20 3000m

Angela Williams (W) women’s 40+ 3000m

Rob Lehmann (W) men’s 40+ triple jump

Chris Lang (W) men’s 50+ 400m hurdles

Kelly Ruddick (H) women’s open 5000m walk


Connor Shugg (W) men’s under-14 javelin

Sam Williams (W) men’s under-16 1500m

Lucas Shugg (W) men’s under-18 1500m

Jack Shaw (W) men’s under-18 400m hurdles

Jesse Fullerton (E) men’s under-20 5000m

Rachel Gibney (H) women’s 40+ 3000m

Paul Burge (H) men’s 40+ 5000m

David Lenehan (E) men’s 40+ 400m hurdles

Kate Ryan (E) women’s open 400m hurdles

Courtney Scott (E) women’s open 5000m

Jamie Huggett (Y) men’s open 5000m

Andrew Blood (Y) men’s open 5000m walk


Amy Canavan (E) women’s under-14 1500m

Ryan Friedrichs (W) men’s under-14 javelin

Brandon Pryor (E) men’s under-16 1500m

Yual Reath (Y) men’s under-16 high jump

Jack Birmingham (E) men’s under-18 1500m

Ali Bilney (W) women’s under-18 triple jump

Andrew Clarke (E) men’s 50+ 3000m

Robert Soar (E) men’s 50+ 3000m

Rhiannon White (E) women’s open 5000m

Cailtin Christie (W) women’s open high jump



Angus See (H) men’s under-14 long jump

Angus See (H) men’s under-14 100m

Angus See (H) men’s under-14 400m

Darcy Edgerton (E) men’s under-14 shot put

Nick Fidler (W) men’s under-16 3000m

Annaliese Bush (E) women’s under-16 100m

Annaliese Bush (E) women’s under-16 long jump

Rod Davis (W) men’s under-16 3000m walk

Grace O’Dwyer (H) women’s under-16 400m

Cleo Anderson (H) women’s under-18 400m

Ashlea Bylsma (W) women’s under-18 long jump

Ross Darlow (E) men’s under-18 3000m walk

Nick Milton (W) men’s under-18 100m

Jack Birmingham (E) men’s under-18 3000m

Liam Procaccino (H) men’s under-18 400m

Sam Baird (H) men’s under-20 400m

Tom Hynes (H) men’s under-20 10,000m

Jack Davies (E) men’s under-20 1500m

Narelle Lehmann (W) women’s 40+ 100m

Angela Williams (W) women’s 40+ 10,000m

Angela Williams (W) women’s 40+ 1500m

Peter O’Dwyer (H) men’s 40+ 400m

Peter O’Dwyer (H) men’s 40+ 100m

Rob Lehmann (W) men’s 40+ long jump

Jeff Sargent (H) men’s 50+ 100m

Nick Van Raaphorst (Y) men’s open 10,000m

Kate Ryan (E) women’s open 400m


Ryan Friedrichs (W) men’s under-12 high jump

Ryan Friedrichs (W) men’s under-12 long jump

Lachlan Hawkes (W) men’s under-12 100m

Jemma Peart (Y) women’s under-14 1500m walk

Darcy Edgerton (E) men’s under-14 long jump

Darcy Edgerton (E) men’s under-14 100m

Holly Nichols (W) women’s under-14 400m

Amy Canavan (E) women’s under-14 3000m

Katherine Dowie (E) women’s under-16 400m

Matt Horan (W) men’s under-16 long jump

Ellen Dowie (E) women’s under-16 3000m walk

Liam Proccacino (H) men’s under-18 100m

Elijah Dale (W) men’s under-18 javelin

Nick Milton (W) men’s under-18 long jump

Jesse Fullerton (E) men’s under-20 1500m

Holly Dobbyn (E) women’s under-20 400m

Andrew Preston (H) men’s 40+ 1500m

Rob Lehmann (W) men’s 40+ 100m

Greg Whitecross (H) men’s 60+ 1500m

Greg Whitecross (H) men’s 60+ 400m

Natasha Typuszak (W) women’s open 1500m

Tara Domaschenz (E) women’s open 100m

Tara Domaschenz (E) women’s open 400m

Emma Werner (E) women’s open shot put

Mitchell Thompson (W) men’s open 1500m

Ashlea Bylsma (W) women’s open long jump

Wendouree (Chris Lang, Rob Lehmann, Narelle Lehman, Neville Down) men’s 40+ 4x400m

Wendouree (Ryan Shaw, Mitchell Thompson, Jack Shaw, Nick Milton) men’s open 4x400m


Meg Lehmann (W) women’s under-12 shot put

Meg Lehmann (W) women’s under-12 long jump

Amy Canavan (E) women’s under-14 1500m walk

Macio Nash (Y) men’s under-14 400m

Jessica Lehmann (W) women’s under-16 100m

Brad Castleman (W) men’s under-16 long jump

Natalya Hall-Dekleva (Y) women’s under-16 400m

Delaney Keating (H) women’s under-18 400m

Ryan Shaw (W) men’s under-18 high jump

Jenna Cartledge (W) women’s under-18 100m

Josh Attwood (E) men’s under-20 100m

Andrew Drummond (E) men’s 40+ 100m

Stephen McLennan (W) men’s 40+ 10,000m

Sue Anderson (H) women’s 40+ 400m

Neil Lewry (W) men’s 50+ 1500m

Robert Soar (E) men’s 60+ 10,000m

Matt Wiltshire (H) men’s open 100m

Sarah Byron (Y) women’s open 400m

Emma Werner (E) women’s open hammer throw

Eureka (Tara Domaschenz, Kaitlyn Ashmore, Kate Ryan, Annaliese Bush) women’s open 4x400m

Eureka (Jack Birmingham, Daniel Fairhurst, Jesse Fullerton, Josh Attwood) men’s open 4x400m



Angus See (H) men’s under-14 200m

Annaliese Bush (E) women’s under-16 triple jump

Annaliese Bush (E) women’s under-16 90m hurdles

Grace O’Dwyer(H) women’s under-16 200m

Joel Duffy (H) men’s under-18 2000m steeplechase

Nick Milton (W) men’s under-18 110m hurdles

Narelle Lehmann (W) women’s 40+ 200m

Rob Lehmann (W) men’s 40+ 200m

Andrew Preston (H) men’s 40+ 800m

Chris Lang (W) men’s 50+ 100m hurdles

Katelyn Ashmore (E)women’s open javelin

Wendouree (Jessica Lehmann, Ashlea Bylsma, Ali Bilney, Jenna Cartledge) women’s under-18 4x100m

Wendouree (Matt Horan, Jack Shaw, Ryan Shaw, Nick Milton) men’s under-18 4x100m

Eureka (Nadia Domaschenz, Kate Ryan, Kailtyn Ashmore, Tara Domaschenz) women’s open 4x100m 


Lachlan Hawkes (W) men’s under-14 discus

Darcy Edgerton (E) men’s under-14 200m

Nick Fidler (W) men’s under-14 800m

Annaliese Bush (E) women’s under-16 200m

Daniel Fairhurst (E) men’s under-18 200m

Peter O’Dwyer (H) men’s 40+ 200m

Neville Down (W) men’s 40+ 3000m steeplechase 

Sue Anderson (H) women’s 40+ 800m

Neil Lewry (W) men’s 50+ 800m

Greg Whitecross (H) men’s 60+ 800m

Matthew Blood (Y) men’s open 3000m steeplechase 

Tara Domaschenz (E) women’s open 200m

Wendouree (Meg Lehmann, Lilly Beechey, Holly Nichols, Aaeron Johns) women’s under-14 4x100

Wendouree (Brad Castleman, Rod Davis, Joshua Hawkes, Nick Fidler) men’s under-14 4x100m

Wendouree (Narelle Lehmann, Chris Lang, Derek Milton, Rob Lehmann) men’s 40+ 4x100m


Ryan Friedrichs (W) men’s under-14 triple jump

Holly Nichols (W) women’s under-14 200m

Ruby Caldow (Y) women’s under-14 800m

Natalya Hall-Dekleva (Y) women’s under-16 800m

Josh Attwood (E) men’s under-20 200m

Andrew Drummond (E) men’s 40+ 200m

Stephen McLennan (W) men’s 40+ 3000m steeplechase 

Kate Ryan (E) women’s open 100m hurdles

Sarah Byron (Y) women’s open 800m

Eureka (Darcy Edgerton, Daniel Fairhurst, Brandon Pryor, Josh Attwood) men’s under-20 4x100m

Wendouree (Monica Russell, Grace Nichols, Alyssa Britnell, Caitlin Christie) women’s open 4x100m


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