Scarsdale murder accused could face August trial

TWO Ballarat men charged over the death of autistic Scarsdale teenager Timothy O'Brien appeared briefly in the Supreme Court this morning.

Darren Wilson, 33, of Wendouree, and Joel Henderson, 40, of Ballarat, appeared in front of Justice Lex Lasry for a further directions hearing.

It is expected the two, who have both pleaded not guilty to murder, will face trial in August this year.

However, the trial date could face further delay due to the court requesting a report on Henderson.

Henderson's lawyer said he was yet to take further instructions from his client due to Henderson's mental capacity, adding that a recent psychiatric assessment of Henderson had been inconclusive.

Henderson is understood to have an acquired brain injury due to a suicide attempt in 2003.

Timothy, 14, died in the early hours of January 5 last year at a Scarsdale farmhouse when he went to the aide of his stepfather, Peter Williams, who had allegedly been lured to the property to be bashed by Wilson and Henderson.

Armed with a baseball bat, Timothy struck both Wilson and Henderson when they allegedly attacked his stepfather.

It is then alleged that Henderson strangled and punched Timothy before knocking him out with the blunt side of an axe.

Wilson is accused of then striking Timothy with the sharp side of the axe.

A third co-accused, Lisa Trezise, 29, of Ballarat, had a murder charge against her dropped in November last year.

Trezise pleaded guilty to lesser charges of assisting and offender, recklessly causing injury and criminal damage in the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Trezise will be sentenced by Justice Terry Forrest this morning.

Henderson and Wilson will face a further directions hearing in the Supreme Court on March 28.

Two Ballarat men fronted the Supreme Court in Melbourne today.

Two Ballarat men fronted the Supreme Court in Melbourne today.