Invermay Primary School pupils learn with iPad minis

INVERMAY Primary School is taking technology in learning to a new level, with all school families receiving iPad minis yesterday. 

Life Education van mascot Health Harold handed out the iPad minis to pupils at a session where families were educated about cyber safety. 

Principal Justin Marshman said the school had been researching the idea for more than two years and had planned to introduce iPads to the senior classes this year.

“We’d been discussing and exploring the idea with parents, and parents of the younger kids asked why their kids had to wait,” he said. “So we decided to introduce it to the whole school.”

Last year, the school had 20 iPads for use but pupils had to leave them at school. 

Now the iPads will be on a two-year lease to families so pupils will take them home. 

“It’s not just a consuming device, it’s a fantastic creative tool,” Mr Marshman said.

He said snap shots of classes could be taken, so the parents could see what their children had been learning and how. 

“The plan wasn’t originally about iPads, but how parents could have a window into their child’s classroom,” Mr Marshman said.

Grade six pupil Emily said she already knew how to use an iPad.

“I’m really excited. It will help a lot with my homework,” she said. 

Emily said she was looking forward to using apps, including movie editing software and garage band.

School council president Lindsay King said he used technology regularly and was excited for this opportunity for his grade five daughter. 

“Its really bringing us as parents at home into the classroom so we can see what our kids are learning.”

Patrick, grade 4, Bailey, grade 4, Harold the Giraffe and Emily, grade 6.

Patrick, grade 4, Bailey, grade 4, Harold the Giraffe and Emily, grade 6.


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