Police urge residents to report graffiti

A COMMUNITY approach is needed to stamp out graffiti and tagging across the city, according to Ballarat police. 

Police are urging residents with information on graffiti incidents to contact them as soon as possible. 

“It is up to the community as a whole to ensure we tackle graffiti or tagging by not being accepting of it,” Acting Senior Sergeant Peter Carey said. 

“It’s up to parents and all adults to make sure values are instilled in our youth based upon community expectations.

“It’s up to businesses that sell products used in graffiti/tagging that they follow current legislation and do not sell them to kids under 18.” 

The Courier published a story yesterday about the impact of graffiti incidents on local businesses and the entrance to Ballarat. 

Acting Senior Sergeant Carey said the biggest piece of advice he could give was to clean up the graffiti as soon as possible. 

“Graffiti, especially tagging, is often about someone marking their territory,” he said. 

“If it is cleaned up very quickly, that part of the motivation for doing it is often removed.”

Ballarat police have experienced a decrease in the number of graffiti incidents reported across the city. 

However, Acting Senior Sergeant Carey said police recognised many of the incidents were not reported. 

“We ask that they call the local police,” he said. 

“We understand sometimes police may not respond immediately due to other operational requirements, however we ask that they obtain as much information as they can, especially physical descriptions of the offenders and the clothing they are wearing, and anything distinctive, which may assist the investigation.” 

Operation Centaur, an anti-graffiti initiative, was still in force, according to Acting Senior Sergeant Carey, who said police had a considerable amount of intelligence on suspects.

Ballarat Police are urging residents to report on graffiti and tagging. PICTURE: JUSTIN WHITELOCK

Ballarat Police are urging residents to report on graffiti and tagging. PICTURE: JUSTIN WHITELOCK


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