Charlie the croc is king of the kids

LITTLE Levi Wright knows Charlie the crocodile doesn't view him as a potential snack.

"He won't eat me because I'm not very yummy," Levi said.

The four-year-old Mt Pleasant Kindergarten pupil came nose to snout with 14-month-old Charlie yesterday as part of a kindergarten visit by The Rookeepers.

However, some of Levi's friends weren't quite so confident around their reptilian visitor.

"When he's ginormous, he can eat us," said one worried little fellow.

Before unveiling Charlie, The Rookeepers' Michael Church asked the children if they knew what their visitor was, adding he had a really big mouth.

A snake was the common guess before Mr Church said it also had snapping jaws.

"A crocodile," was an excited Levi's winning answer.

Mr Church encouraged plenty of pats and said Charlie's skin was rubbery - "like a gumboot".

"He's a nice, friendly crocodile," Mr Church said.

"He will live to be 100 years old and grow to about three metres long."

When asked what Charlie likes to eat, Mr Church said mainly fish, crickets and yabbies.

"He also has flippers on his feet so he can go fast through the water."

Levi was initially keen to touch Charlie's teeth but settled for a scratch on his belly instead.

"I've got a dog and a birdie at home but not a crocodile."

Mr Church said Charlie was his Christmas present to himself, arriving from the Crocodylus Park in Darwin on December 24.

The male freshwater crocodile, which can swim at 14 km/h, will now join The Rookeepers shows.

Levi Wright comes face to snout with Charlie the crocodile. Picture: Jeremy Bannister

Levi Wright comes face to snout with Charlie the crocodile. Picture: Jeremy Bannister


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