Ballarat solar company provided faulty goods: court

A BALLARAT solar and wind energy provider has been ordered by court to provide services before taking payments.

The plaintiff, Consumer Affairs Victoria, appeared in Ballarat Magistrates Court this morning where magistrate Peter Mithen granted several injunctive orders to protect consumers from Delacombe based business, Bailey Designed Engineering (BDE).

BDE's sole director, Mark Bailey, did not appear in court.

A sworn affidavit seen by The Courier alleges BDE failed to supply goods, or provided faulty goods, to more than 30 customers.

The affidavit states 33 consumers have paid more than $280,000 to BDE for goods that were never provided, or goods that were faulty.

Most of those consumers have never seen their money again, according to the documents.

In one dealing with BDE, a consumer paid almost $50,000 for goods and service that were never provided.

A Consumer Affairs Victoria prosecutor told the court there was a public interest in protecting consumers from BDE.

Another document reads: "The defendants' business modes operandi has caused harm to many, and if not restrained may be expected to continue to cause harm."

"The plaintiff does not seek interlocutory relief which would require the defendants to cease trading altogether... the plaintiff seeks relief which would permit the defendants to continue to engage I their business but subject to appropriate safeguards."

The matter will return to court on April 2 when Consumer Affairs Victoria are expected to obtain final orders which will prevent BDE from operating altogether.

The case was heard at the Ballarat Magistrates Court. FILE IMAGE

The case was heard at the Ballarat Magistrates Court. FILE IMAGE