Little Dorothy's dilemma: pet or paddock?

DOROTHY the border collie might one day grow up to become a great sheep or cattle dog.

But the 11-week-old pup would have to give up some of the creature comforts of home first.

Jennifer Draffin of Bo Peep (no, we're not making that up - it's near Haddon) bought Dorothy from the Trading Post website a few weeks ago.

While Ms Draffin lives on her family's property, giving Dorothy plenty of scope to learn the trade, she admitted the jury was out as to whether Dorothy will become a serious farm dog used to "roughing it".

"She'll get a chance," Ms Draffin says. "There's plenty of land and we do have sheep and cattle.

"It's a family farm, and my dad and brother run it. They have another border collie. Dorothy will follow her around but she's mostly a pet. To be honest, she will probably have more chances to round up cats than cattle."

Dorothy has plenty of energy and does not lack for enthusiasm.

And, according to Ms Draffin, she found her bark - one of the important tools of the working dog trade - two weeks ago.

"The breeder was breeding a mix of working dogs and pets, I think, so it should be in the blood," Ms Draffin said.

Dorothy is named after Dorothy Gale, the farm girl from The Wizard of Oz which is one of Ms Draffin's favourite films. 

The little pup is yet to be introduced to the older dog, but it may be a bit of culture shock when she does - just like her namesake had when transported to the land of Oz. Dorothy is used to living and sleeping indoors, after all.

"She's too little to sleep outside," Ms Draffin insists.

Dorothy the border collie. Picture: Jeremy Bannister

Dorothy the border collie. Picture: Jeremy Bannister


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