Meet Jetta, the three-legged workhorse

WHEN Jetta jets around the park you have to take a close look to see something is missing.

´╗┐That something is one of her rear legs, but you'd be hard pressed to notice while she is on the move.

Things are a little more awkward when Jetta slows to a walk, but the three-year-old koolie-kelpie cross still has more mobility than most canines of a similar vintage, Australian Working Dog Rescue Incorporated (AWDRI) foster carer Jess Joy says.

"She has no problems running. In fact she is better running than walking," Ms Joy explains. 

"She is high energy. People look at the three legs and may think she doesn't need to go for a walk but she's one of the highest-energy dogs we've had."

Like other AWDRI dogs, Jetta is looking for a permanent home. She came into Ms Joy's care after a shooting accident and a near-death experience. 

"She was on a rural property in New South Wales and was shot in the leg. People go fox shooting there so I'd like to think it was a mistake," Ms Joy says.

"The wound itself didn't do too much damage but it was left too long and got infected. The owners were going to put her down. They didn't want to deal with the vet bills.

"We nearly lost her twice. She was so ill she needed a blood transfusion."

Ms Joy looks after AWDRI dogs at her home in Ballan. 

Part of the deal with being a foster carer is passing each dog on to a new home, although Ms Joy admits it will be harder to say goodbye to Jetta than most.

"She might be the hardest I've had to give up," Ms Joy says."If I didn't have three dogs already I would keep her. I've fallen head over heels. To care for them when they've been so sick, it's hard not to get attached.

"I'd love for her to go to a home with other dogs. She is so dog-friendly. I'd also love her to go to a local home too."

AWDRI dogs are available for adoption for a fee of $325 to cover the cost of desexing, microchipping, and vaccination.

Jess Joy and Jetta. Picture and video: Kate Healy

Jess Joy and Jetta. Picture and video: Kate Healy


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