Ballarat real estate agent goes ga-ga for Google Glass

WHEN James Nicol was looking for a business edge in his newly opened Ballarat real estate business, he immediately turned to technology.

And he didn't just buy the latest iPad or smartphone but spent $2500 on the ground-breaking Google Glass.

While Mr Nicol plans to use Google Glass to simplify virtual tours and house inspections for his firm, Biggin & Scott, he admits it will also get the occasional workout filming his two boys, McKenzie, 7, and Jack, 5, playing soccer.

"The heart wants what the heart wants," Mr Nicol said, with a grin.

"I've always been keen on technology and I applied to be a Google explorer but was passed over so I went onto eBay."

A Canadian by birth, Mr Nicol also worked in the United States and still holds an old American postal address and iTunes account so was able to buy his Google Glass from Toledo.

Google Glass has not yet been released in Australia but Mr Nicol predicts it will be a huge hit when it does launch.

Using just touch and voice recognition, Mr Nicol can take videos or photographs, add captions and share it with all his social media contacts within seconds.

"It allows you that flexibility to do whatever you like."

Mr Nicol said his unusual eyewear had already attracted a lot of attention just 24 hours after it arrived.

"I wore it taking the kids to school this morning and I was stopped about half a dozen times."

There's only a handful of people in Australia who have them."

Mr Nicol said he had quickly mastered the Google Glass technique through a range of Google videos.

"It's a very short learning curve. Like any technology, the more you feel used to it, the easier it becomes."


James Nicol test-drives the new Google Glass. Picture and video: Kate Healy

James Nicol test-drives the new Google Glass. Picture and video: Kate Healy


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