Justice for Tilly as owner of vicious Pitbull crosses fined

THE owner of two banned and unregistered Pitbull type dogs which mauled a smaller dog, almost killing it, before turning on its 70-year-old owner, has been fined $1000 in a Ballarat Magistrates Court. 

The court heard Tom Chambers, 70, of Wendouree was walking his daughter's four-year-old Whippet Tilly about 9am on January 14 this year when the two Pitbull crosses viciously attacked both Tilly and Mr Chambers. 

Tilly recovering at home after the attack. PICTURE: ADAM TRAFFORD

Tilly recovering at home after the attack. PICTURE: ADAM TRAFFORD

The two dogs, which are illegal in Victoria and were unregistered at the time, belonged to Naomi-Cara Coker, 31, of Ballarat. 

Coker today pleaded guilty to a string of charges stemming from the savage attack, including dog biting a person causing serious injury, dog attacking an animal causing serious injury and dog being at large between sunrise and sunset. 

Her two dogs have since been destroyed. 

The court heard Coker was at her Gregory Street home with her three-year-old daughter on the morning of the attack and fell asleep on the couch. 

Her daughter then left the house, taking the two dogs with her, to go in search of her father. 

A City of Ballarat prosecutor said Mr Chambers was walking Tilly when he saw the two dogs running towards them. 

The two dogs launched at Tilly, ''holding her in their mouths'', before attacking Mr Chambers. 

The court heard Mr Chambers held Tilly in the air while the two dogs continued to jump at her, trying to snatch her back. 

Tilly required immediate surgery for her injuries, while Mr Chambers was also rushed to hospital for his injuries. 

Referring to photographs of Tilly tendered to the court, magistrate Cynthia Toose described them as ''horrifying''.

Mike Wardell, acting pro-bono for Coker, said his client was genuinely remorseful, had complied fully with investigators and that it was the only time the dogs had ever left the home. 

Ms Toose said the incident must have been terrifying for the victim and Tilly, adding that these laws exist to protect the community from such dogs. 

Coker was fined $1000. 

She was also ordered to pay statutory costs of $110 and more than $1000 in compensation for Tilly's veterinary bills.