Peel St stabbing accused gets bail

A YOUNG Ballarat man who was on bail for burglary, theft and drug trafficking charges when he allegedly assaulted a man in Peel Street before attempting to stab another, has been released on bail. 

Samuel Hayward, 21, is charged with several fresh offences stemming from the unprovoked attack that took place about 5pm on February 19 this year near the corner of Peel and Little Bridge streets. 

Opposing Hayward’s bail in Ballarat Magistrates Court yesterday, Ballarat police criminal investigation unit Detective Senior Constable Troy Wickham said Hayward had been walking against traffic on Peel Street when he ran after a car and confronted the driver. 

The court heard Hayward allegedly opened the first victim’s door and punched the man in the jaw, knocking the victim’s glasses from his face. 

Detective Senior Constable Wickham said Hayward then punched the victim and kneed him in the back of the head. 

The court heard Hayward then walked to another car and allegedly punched a second victim before producing a knife and attempting to stab the victim. 

Unsuccessful in his attempt, Hayward allegedly began stabbing the car’s door. 

Detective Senior Constable Wickham said Hayward fled the scene on foot, hiding in residential backyards before police found him in a shed in Raglan Street South. 

The court heard Hayward had been on bail for alleged drug trafficking, burglary and theft at the time of the alleged offending. 

Magistrate Cynthia Toose granted Hayward’s bail, giving weight to evidence provided by Hayward’s father, who gave an undertaking that he would alert police if his son breached bail conditions. 

Hayward must reside at his father’s Elmhurst home and not leave the property unless with his father. 

He will re-appear in Ballarat Magistrates Court on May 8 for a mention hearing.