Milesevic siblings compete in motorbike championships

THE minute you step into the Milesevic’s shed, it is more than clear that motorbikes are the lifeblood of the family.

Competitive: Siblings Joel and Emma Milesevic are both forging promising careers in motorbike racing. PICTURE: JUSTIN WHITELOCK

Competitive: Siblings Joel and Emma Milesevic are both forging promising careers in motorbike racing. PICTURE: JUSTIN WHITELOCK

Half a dozen bikes, spare parts and the unmistakable waft of a motorsport shed.

There can be no doubting what drives siblings Joel and Emma Milesevic.

In fact, they have never known life any other way.

With father Nick and aunt Olivia both high level motorbike racers in their time, the foundations were very much set for the Joel and Emma to follow in the family footsteps.

Joel, 18, is now racing in his second season in the 10-part MX nationals, while 16-year-old Emma is the reigning Australian junior girls champion in 2012 and 2013 and made a long awaited debut in the senior class this year.

Both are forging promising careers in the sport, having been riding motorbikes as long as they can remember.

“Dad bought a little 50cc when I was two and I have just been riding ever since,” Joel said.

It was that very bike that would prove the entry point into riding for all children of the family.

It wasn’t long before Joel graduated to a bigger bike, leaving the seat vacant for his young sister.

To this day, the original bike still takes a proud place in the shed, although it is clearly dwarfed by much larger motorbikes.

“I always used to watch Joel riding around and I always just wanted to do it,” Emma said. “I guess it was just the way we were brought up. We were introduced to racing at a young age ... we both loved it.”

With their own track set up on their Lal Lal property, not a day goes by where the duo are not training.

However, training is not as simple as strapping on a helmet and hitting the track.

Far more goes into becoming an elite rider than simply revving the throttle and steering the bike.

Strict diets, intense physical training, endurance running and cycling are all part of the Milesevic siblings’ daily routine.

Not to mention finding a vacant and suitable track somewhere within reasonable reach that would give the best preparation for an upcoming race.

“It’s really physically demanding, more than what most people would think,” Emma said. “Especially racing against the men, it’s tough. I probably prefer racing against the men, that is the best way to improve.”

Competing at such a high level does not come without its tolls however.

The family will travel interstate seven times for Joel to compete in the MX nationals this year, including three trips to Queensland, two to New South Wales and one each to South Australia and Western Australia.

With sights set on competing in the USA to race Supercross and Motorcross, Joel is aiming for a top five finish in the national series.

Although it will certainly not be without its challenges.

Just last weekend he suffered concussion after falling twice.

For mother, Doris, watching her two eldest children put so much dedication into their chosen sport generates a certain feeling of pride.

Youngest sibling, Liz, is more of a recreational rider, also doubling as the family photographer on race day.

“They both work really hard at what they do,” Doris said.

“They just seem to be getting quicker all the time it’s great to see. There’s always some form of discussion around motorbikes, it’s pretty hard to get away from.”

For now, it seems nothing can stop the Milesevics.

Let’s just hope they can continue to keep going full throttle.


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