Dog attack in Wendouree

WITNESSES have described their horror at seeing an out-of-control pit bull type dog attack an elderly man and his smaller dog in Wendouree yesterday. 

The dog, pictured above, had been seen roaming the streets of Wendouree, near Forest and Norman Streets, attacking other dogs throughout the morning. 

Cheryl Keating, of Wendouree, was forced to swerve her car in Forest Street about 9am when the dog ran across in front of her. 

Ms Keating said the dog then launched at an elderly man and his smaller dog, just outside Ballarat Grammar School. 

She said the large dog, still of unknown breed, held the smaller dog in its mouth while the elderly man was knocked to the ground. 

Bystanders quickly swarmed on the dog, with one man holding it by the collar while another fetched rope to tie it up. 

The dog seemed placid around humans. 

However, it tried to break free from its rope and became aggressive when it spotted another smaller dog across the street. 

The dog appeared to be registered. 

Police at the scene located its tag and are still trying to find its owner. 

The elderly man walked off after the attack, telling bystanders her didn't want any help. 

This attack is the second in Ballarat this week following a vicious attack in Black Hill on Wednesday. 

On that occasion a dog off its leash attacked a man and his young son. 

Recently in Ballarat Magistrates Court the owner of two banned and unregistered pit bull type dogs which mauled a smaller dog, almost killing it, was fined $1000. 

Ballarat City Council received a number of submissions at a recent public meeting over proposals for dog owners to keep their canines on a leash in all public areas. 


The dog which attacked an elderly man and his smaller dog this morning. PICTURE: JEREMY BANNISTER

The dog which attacked an elderly man and his smaller dog this morning. PICTURE: JEREMY BANNISTER


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