Woman caught twice with drugs, court told

A BALLARAT woman charged with trafficking methylamphetamine after being caught with the drug, almost $2000 cash, scales and deal bags, was caught again only two weeks later, a court has heard. 



Jodie Healey, 36, was initially caught in her car about 4.30am on April 4 when police discovered the items, including four notebooks containing names and amounts of money owed for drugs. 

Ballarat Magistrates Court on Tuesday heard Healy was arrested on that occasion, later telling police she didn’t trust banks and that the cash was merely savings. 

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Steve Kent said Healey also told police she had found the notebooks at a bus stop. 

She was charged with a string of offences, including trafficking. However, Healey was again caught in a car about 8.50pm on April 21, again in possession of drugs, deal bags and cash. 

The court heard Healey refused to co-operate with police on that occasion. 

Healey pleaded guilty to more than 10 charges yesterday, including trafficking a drug of dependence. 

Her defence lawyer, Shelley Buchecker, told the court it was the first time Healey had offended in 18 years, adding it was the tragic loss of her son which saw her spiral into drug use. 

Ms Buchecker said Healey lost her 17-year-old son in 2012 after he was hit by a car. 

The court heard Healey had been traumatised since, given she was the one who told doctors to switch off his life support. 

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said she was sympathetic to Healey’s situation, but said the offending was too serious to warrant Ms Buchecker’s submission of a community correction order. 

“Methamphetamine is the scourge of society currently ... it destroys lives and families,” Ms Toose said. 

“And there is no end to the grief which that drug causes.”

Ms Toose sentenced Healey to three months’ jail, suspended for 12 months. 

Healey was also fined $1500.