Man made threats to kill police, court told

A BALLARAT man who threatened to kill police and rape their wives appeared in court on Tuesday. 



Raymond Muir, 38, pleaded guilty to a string of charges, including three counts of making threats to kill.

Mr Muir also pleaded guilty to assaulting police and being drunk in a public place. 

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Steve Kent said Muir had been drinking all day at the Tongala Caravan Park, near Echuca, prior to police arriving on scene. 

Senior Constable Kent said Muir had an aggressive demeanour when police arrived at the scene and threatened one officer. 

“I’m going to kill you when the boys get up here ... they will fix you up, you’re dead,” Senior Constable Kent read from the charge sheet.

The accused did not co-operate when police attempted to calm him down. 

OC spray was administered and police had to physically restrain Muir to get him inside a divisional van.

“He was aggressive in the divisional van ... he spat at police,” Senior Constable Kent said. 

En route to Bendigo Police Station, Muir made threats to rape the police officer’s wives and daughters and to kill their families. 

Police could not interview the accused because of his aggressive state. 

Defence lawyer Mike Wardell said his client had been previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He also had issues with alcoholism. 

“He was very ashamed of what phrases were used in that incident, particularly the use of the word rape,” Mr Wardell said.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said spitting was a disgraceful act.

“These police officers go through a great deal,” she said.

 “It affects their families and relationships, it is a very significant matter.” 

The matter was stood down until Thursday.