Driver fined over interlock device breaches

A MAGISTRATE issued a stern warning on Thursday that breaches of alcohol interlock conditions will not be tolerated by the courts, fining a young man $1000 over two breaches. 



Matthew Sedman, 23, was subject to an interlock condition on his licence when he was caught by police without the device twice in recent months.

Sedman appeared in Ballarat Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to the two breaches. 

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Pepe Brown told the court Sedman had been travelling on the Midland Highway near Creswick on September 21 last year when he was intercepted by police for a routine check. 

The court heard Sedman produced a probationary licence which stated he was subject to a blood alcohol interlock condition. 

Police observed the car was not fitted with the device. 

On that occasion, Sedman told police it was his mother’s car, hence it didn’t have the required device. 

The court heard Sedman was caught again on February 19 this year, this time driving in Sutton Street, Sebastopol. 

Again Sedman produced his probationary licence which showed the blood alcohol interlock device requirement which the car was not fitted with. 

Senior Constable Brown said Sedman told police: “My old man took it out.”

David Tamanika, for Sedman, said it had been confusing for his client after he lost his licence due to demerit points soon after getting it back in 2012. 

Mr Tamanika said the family car had been fitted with the device, but it had been taken out when Sedman again lost his licence. 

He said Sedman had been “flippant” when he thought he could continue driving without the interlock. 

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said the matter was serious, adding he could be jailed for such offending. 

But Ms Toose said his age, young child and the fact he was working, played in his favour. 

Sedman was fined $1000.