Repeat attack on Ballarat train lines

UPDATE: 4.08pm

Trains on the Ballarat Line are resuming normal timetables in time for the PM peak.

V/Line signal technicians have completed temporary repairs to the signal cable that was cut trackside between Bacchus Marsh and Ballan.


VANDALS have again sabotaged Ballarat's train line, cutting signalling cables between Bacchus Marsh and Ballan.

The Courier yesterday reported signal cables had been cut at Rockbank, which disrupted over 5000 customers and delayed some services by almost 70 minutes.   

V/Line spokesperson Colin Tyrus said the company could not estimate how long commuters would be delayed for, however today's 12:10 train from Ararat to Southern Cross was delayed by 30 minutes .

V/Line Chief Executive Theo Taifalos was at a loss to understand the mentality of people who would attack a vital community service.

“When we had delays and cancellations yesterday and Sunday because of vandalism, I described these criminals as idiots,” he said. 

“With a third attack in as many days, I’m sure that the community has had enough of these lowlife individuals.”

V/Line technicians are at the damaged site to start work on repairs, however delays are expected for afternoon services.

Victoria Police are said to be investigating all three incidents of vandalism over the past few days.