When social media gets annoying

I LOVE social media.

Facebook and Twitter are my vices. And I confess I'm on those sites every day.

I find social media a great way to keep in contact with far-flung family and friends I may not see for 10 or 20 years.

Social media is great for keeping up with the goss about what's happening with your aunty's cousin's friend's brother inlaw twice removed. It's fantastic for finding out the real breaking news from around the world and it's even a good spirit-lifter with the oft-posted funny photos and videos.

However, there are several aspects of social media which truly irk me:

1. Why do people insist on telling me each and every time they either go for a run, pump iron at the gym, touch their toes or join a weight-loss program (again)? It's great that you're keeping fit and healthy, but your constant fluffing of one's ego really clogs my news feed;

2. I don't want to play Candy Crush, Pet Shop, Slot Mania, Song Pop or any other game that requires me to use my brain (or not, in most of these games' cases). The only invite I want is to a party;

3. I know you can cook well, but posting a photograph of every single meal you prepare is a bit tiresome. And frankly, it just makes me hungry;

4. I really don't want to read about your cat-fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend, mum/dad, sister/brother or BFF. Keep your dirty laundry to yourself.

But what really gets my goat are those self-professed experts on everyone else's life, particularly targeting celebrities.

The latest one is hitting out at Kim Kardashian for getting her toddler daughter's ears pierced. Poor Kimye has been accused of child abuse for letting the piercing gun within cooee of North West's little ears. Honestly, if having her ears pierced is the worst thing to ever happen to this little cutie, then she's a lucky girl.

So people really do need to get a life and put the real world into perspective.


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