Brothers front court over neighbourhood bashing

TWIN brothers allegedly involved in a neighbourhood bashing where a man was left fighting for his life appeared in court on Wednesday.

Trevor and Phillip Scott, both 20 of Delacombe, allegedly attacked a neighbour following a verbal altercation with a man on September 21, 2013, which left the victim with a fractured skull.

Both men are charged with recklessly causing serious injury.

At a committal hearing in the Ballarat Magistrates Court, the victim's son was cross-examined by three defence lawyers appearing of behalf of both brothers and another co-accused Brendan Batchelor, 21.

The court heard the the victim, along with three other males, had been drinking in their front yard when a 4WD mounted a gutter near the victim's house.

Trevor Scott allegedly emerged from the vehicle, shouting at the males for five minutes before ramming the 4WD into one of the male's cars parked on the footpath.

The court heard 10 minutes after the 4WD left the scene four men emerged at the end of the street and was involved in a verbal altercation with the men at the yard.

The victim went to talk to the men on his own, where he was allegedly punched, falling to the ground and knocking his head on the footpath.

The court heard the victim's son, who didn't see his father being punched, went to tend to his father.

At the scene the victim's son alleged Trevor Scott walked away from his father, who he was kneeling beside, saying "do you want to have a go too, you dog?".

Four witnesses and a police informant are expected to provide evidence at the hearing.