Peppercorn Queen is set to return to music

JACKIE Marshall is returning to the music scene on a mission to spread fun and joy after a short hiatus.

She has not performed in Ballarat since the release of her last album four years ago, after which she took time off to have a baby.

Known as the Peppercorn Queen, Marshall will be performing at Main Bar after a close friend performed there recently and recommended the relatively new music venue.

"Some of the most fun gigs are in regional centres  the audience tends to appreciate you there."

Marshall said she also preferred smaller rooms where she could connect with the audience.

She became known as the Peppercorn Queen after being crowned with that title at a festival a few years ago.

She moved to an island only accessible by boat in Pittswater Sydney, having time off from making music. While not recording, Marshall said she spent a lot of time writing and staying creative through other outlets.

"It was a great experience. There were no shops on the island, so to get anything I had to take the baby in the boat."

Although none of the work she did on the island is on her current EP, Marshall is preparing for her next album which will showcase many of the songs.

"This record is born of a sense of fun and all the things that make you enjoy music. It looks at the lighter side."

Marshall said some of her inspiration came from protesters in the 1960s.

"I'd like to think my music helps to develop empathy and helps people to enjoy life."

She entertains in her show, bantering with the audience and wearing a wig crossed between Dolly Parton and Audrey Hepburn.

Her tour for the EP began in Brisbane on July 4, with the EP available on iTunes and distributed through Vitamin.