Patrick the Wombat is Ballarat's 'wombassador'

CNN has named Patrick the wombat from Ballarat Wildlife Park as perhaps the world’s best “wombassador”.

Patrick was included in a list of the best mascots for cities across the globe, alongside Knut the polar bear and a cat that runs a train station in Japan.

“The longtime resident of Victoria acts as the ‘wombassador’ to the wildlife park, where he gets wheel-barrowed about the park by staff,” CNN said.

“Rapt visitors have included Nicolas Cage, Kirstie Alley and Kim Cattrall.”

Wildlife Park managing director Greg Parker said Patrick had come a long way since he was found on the roadside in 1986. 

“He was a rascal then. Once he was in the car and climbed over to the driver’s side, putting the car in gear and drove it through the neighbour’s fence,” he said.

Mr Parker said Patrick was still incredibly popular at the park, despite taking a step back from his days riding around in the wheelbarrow every day. 

He certainly hadn’t lost his touch when visited by The Courier, getting up the front and ready to go when the wheelbarrow came out. 

Patrick will turn 28 next month, making him the world’s oldest-known bare-nosed wombat.

He was introduced to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe last year thanks to a popular post about him on the website Reddit.


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