Ballarat breakfast report: July 23

It sure is icy this morning in the Ballarat region.
It sure is icy this morning in the Ballarat region.


At time of writing this, it is -2.4 in Ballarat. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, it "feels like" -6.1. Unbelievably cold.

Still, the locals who have been here for 30+ years will always say they've been through colder.

"This is just a normal Ballarat winter"... I swear I've heard that a million times in three years.

So anyway, today will eventually reach nine degrees. 


A black ice warning has been issued for all highways in the Ballarat region.

Ballarat Police Sergeant Dave Collins urged all motorists to be wary of the dangers of black ice and drive to conditions.

THREE people escaped without injury after a driver failed to give way at an intersection in Sebastopol, crashed her car into another vehicle and flipped into a gutter just after 4pm on Tuesday.  


Ballarat trains are running on time today.



Today we visit Ballarat's new home of mental health services and we check out the BAS grand final.