Ballarat man threatens to burn down parents' house

A man who threatened to burn down his parents' home appeared in court on Thursday. PIC: FILE
A man who threatened to burn down his parents' home appeared in court on Thursday. PIC: FILE

A BALLARAT man who threatened to burn down his parents' house while trying to break in, later fled from police and abused hospital staff, a court has heard.

Wayne Braybrook, 36, had been using ice in the weeks leading up to the offending when he went to his parents' Alfredton home on March 15 and tried to break in.

Ballarat Magistrates Court on Thursday heard Braybrook's 65-year-old father had been assaulted by his son before the incident and had locked the house when Braybrook rang to say he was coming over to take money and a car.

Prosecutor Raelene Maxwell told the court Braybrook arrived at the home and tried to kick and punch a door down, while his fearful parents remained inside.

Threatening his parents, at one point Braybrook yelled "you've got five seconds to let me in ... I'll burn the house down", the court heard.

Ms Maxwell said Braybrook fled from police when they tried to arrest him and had to be pepper sprayed after throwing punches at police.

Taken to Ballarat Health Services Base Hospital for a cut on his hand, Braybrook continued to abuse police before turning his anger on emergency department staff, the court heard.

With his charges originally to be heard in the County Court, Braybrook pleaded guilty in Ballarat Magistrates Court to an amended charge of intent to steal, criminal damage, threat to inflict serious injury and resisting police.

A lawyer for Brayrbook said his client, a long time cannabis user, began using ice in September last year, adding it was shortly after that his life began unravelling.

The lawyer said Brayrbook had been "entirely on skid row", with no money and utilities at his home disconnected.

He said Braybrook turned to his parents, "demanding" they help him.

The lawyer said Braybrook committed the "pathetic" offending when his parents didn't respond to his pleas for help.

Magistrate Peter Mithen warned Braybrook of the seriousness of the offending and ordered him to be assessed for a community corrections order.