More than 2500 birds sold at Ballarat Bird Sale

Todd Osborne with a Macaw PIC: Jeremy Bannister
Todd Osborne with a Macaw PIC: Jeremy Bannister

BIRD lovers from far and wide had a lot to squawk about at Ballarat's biggest bird sale.

More than 2500 were sold at the Ballarat Bird Sale held at the Showgrounds on Saturday.

Amazonian birds, including a blue and gold macaw, were the cream of the crop fetching thousands of dollars.

Avicultural Society of Australia Ballarat branch secretary John Clow said more than 1000 people attended the event.

"I knocked back 30 people because we were so full," Mr Clow said.

"Every year the event improves.

"It's the biggest sale in Ballarat ever. It could have been bigger but we didn't have enough space.

"People come from across the state and interstate. It's a sale where you meet, talk and learn more about birds."

Accessories, food and enclosures were all for sale.

Mr Clow said there was a solid base of bird lovers in Ballarat.

"It's a hobby basically, our club does well with membership," he said.

"By breeding them you see them hatch and have the fun of rearing them.

"There's no point in having them if you don't look after them"