New cameras to target Ballarat motorists

New speed camera are expected to be rolled out across the state.
New speed camera are expected to be rolled out across the state.

LEADFOOTED Ballarat motorists could be targeted by new hi-tech speed cameras set to be introduced as part of a statewide rollout.

The city's three mobile speed cameras could be in line to receive an upgrade after the state government announced $17.1 million upgrade to 131 mobile speed cameras across Victoria. 

The tender released this week will see hi-tech cameras  introduced over the next four years and will be able to photograph speeding motorists night and day from the front and back, and across eight lanes of traffic.

"It's about replacing 131 cameras that are 23 years old. So we're looking for world's best technology to make sure that Victoria has the safest roads in the world," Police Minister Kim Wells said.

Victoria's existing speed cameras gather the Victorian government around $100 million a year in revenue but have limited night-time use and cannot photograph all speeding motorcyclists because motorcycles do not have front-facing registration plates.

“Technology in this area is advancing rapidly and we will explore all options to make Victoria’s road safety camera network as strong as it can be,” Mr Wells said.

“We will be looking at everything the market has to offer, including the potential to capture front and rear licence plates and speeding vehicles across multiple lanes.

“We know the majority of motorists do the right thing and comply with the speed limit. The latest advances in technology can assist us in catching those who don’t.”

Victoria currently has a wide ranging road safety camera network including fixed, mobile and point-to-point cameras for detecting speed, unregistered drivers and motorists who run red lights.

Mr Wells said expanding Victoria’s speed camera system was a key part of Victoria’s 10-year Road Safety Strategy which helps to ensure that Victorian roads are safe for all road users.

Details of the road safety camera system can be found at the Cameras Save Lives website.


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