No jail for ex-girlfriend boyfriend basher

A BALLARAT man who left his ex-partner's new boyfriend with two black eyes, a broken nose and lacerations to his face after an unprovoked attack at a local pub, has narrowly avoided jail.

Bradley Gothard's victim was hiding in a storage room at the Peter Lalor Hotel about 12.30am on May 1 in order to get away from Gothard's insulting tirade.

Ballarat Magistrates Court on Monday heard Gothard later found the victim in the room, running at the him and punching him in the face several times.

The court heard the victim had to be taken to hospital due to injuries and bleeding.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Pepe Brown told the court Gothard and the victim had formerly been colleagues at the pub, with the victim now in a relationship with another co-worker who was previously Gothard's partner.

The court heard the female was working behind the bar on the night of the attack.

Describing the assault as "unprovoked" and "inexcusable", magistrate Cynthia Toose said it warranted immediate jail time.

"The community and the courts are fed up with this type of behaviour," Ms Toose said.

Scott Belcher, for Gothard, said his client had consumed a "significant amount" of alcohol before the attack, adding Gothard had pleaded guilty to the charge of intentionally cause injury at an early time in proceedings.

Asking Ms Toose to consider a suspended jail term, Mr Belcher said his client also had a minor criminal history which included no acts if violence.

Ms Toose sentenced Gothard to one-month jail, wholly suspended for one year.

She said if not for the guilty plea, Gothard would have been jailed immediately for two months.