Victim 'totally against' release of his alleged attacker

A DELACOMBE man charged over an unprovoked attack on his neighbour, which has left the victim without senses including taste and smell, has been freed on bail, despite the victim being "totally against" the release. 

Trevor Scott, 20, has been locked away since the alleged attack on September 21 last year when he allegedly punched his 46-year-old neighbour in Leawarra Crescent, Delacombe.

The victim, who was knocked unconscious, was airlifted to a Melbourne hospital before being placed in an induced coma in which he remained for two days.

Opposing Scott's bail application in Ballarat Magistrates Court on Wednesday, Detective Senior Constable Steve Oliver said the victim hadn't been able to return to his job since the attack and still lived in fear of suffering a similar assault.

Detective Senior Constable Oliver said the victim, who originally suffered a fractured skull, has since discovered another fracture.

He added the victim had lost his sense of taste and smell, as well as continuing memory loss.

Scott, alongside his twin brother Phillip, was committed to stand trial in the County Court after pleading not guilty to the alleged attack during a committal hearing in July. 

Phillip Scott was granted bail only days after the incident. 

Wednesday's bail application heard Trevor Scott had been granted bail in Ballarat Magistrates Court over separate charges less than 24-hours before the alleged attack on his neighbour.

"He's already proven that he can't be trusted," Detective Senior Constable Oliver said. 

Noting Scott had failed to comply with bail conditions in the past, the detective said the victim was aware of the bail application and was "totally against it".

Crown prosecutor Kim Swadesir added Scott was a danger to the public and a risk or reoffending if released. 

Voicing further concerns, Ms Swadesir questioned Scott's mother over her husband and the boys' father, Anthony Scott, who the court heard is currently in prison for drug trafficking. 

Giving evidence, Scott's mother, Michelle Scott, said Trevor had "grown-up" while in custody, adding he had spent "about three months" incarcerated alongside his father at Loddon prison. 

"They spoke a lot," Ms Scott told the court. 

"His father said he doesn't want Trevor to follow in his footsteps. 

"He (Trevor) wants to get out of jail, get a job... do the right thing and make me proud."

Scott's defence barrister Nick Goodfellow said his client had shown cause for being released. 

Mr Goodfellow said Scott had somewhere to live, was still of a young age, still had some time until trial and had no further criminal matters pending. 

Releasing Scott on bail, magistrate Cynthia Toose said she gave weight to "compelling evidence" from Scott's mother and a family friend who was willing to take Scott in. 

"I am satisfied that you have shown cause," Ms Toose said. 

She said his young age and employment prospects also helped his application. 

Scott is subject to strict bail conditions including daily reporting to police, a curfew, and orders to not drink, take drugs or drive.

He and his brother will face a directions hearing in the County Court on August 28.