Ballarat City Council to report on Tamworth saleyard mission

COUNCILLORS will report on their visit to a next-gen cattleyard at Wednesday’s council meeting, after spending several days in Tamworth on a fact-finding mission in May. 

The same company, Regional Infrastructure (RIPL), operates the Tamworth facility as is contracted to build the new Central Victorian Livestock Exchange (CVLX) at Miners Rest, although it has yet to even submit planning applications for the new site. 

Councillors Vicki Coltman, Samantha McIntosh and John Philips spent a day looking around the cattleyards, which are only one year old, and looked at how Tamworth City Council managed Regional Infrastructure’s redevelopment. 

Councillor McIntosh said movement on the project was coming. 

“Obviously it’s taken a long time to get to now, what we’re seeing at the moment is great progress. We’ve had some very positive conversations in the last five months,” she said. 

The report recognises RIPL’s slow movement on the project.

“Progress on the development of the new facility has been hampered by a number of impediments which have slowed the ability of Palisade/RIPL to submit the planning application to date,” it stated. 

The Tamworth yard has a greater focus on cattle, whereas the current Ballarat yard deals much more with sheep. 

But it took two years for the Tamworth project to start and finish, whereas the Ballarat council has been waiting on a planning application for over five years. 


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