Handyman needed after mishap

QUALITY plasterers don’t just fall out of the sky but “handyman” husbands do.

A woman advertised on Facebook group Ballarat Buy, Swap and Sell for “a plasterer, urgently”. 

The reason? “My husband just fell through the roof”.

The “ad” drew a lot of interest – 40 or more comments, and not just from plasterers.

“Do you also need a plasterer for hubby or were there no broken bones?” was one reply.

“Skylight maybe?” was another. “Sorry, only kidding. Glad hubby survived the fall with only a bruised ego.”

“That only happens in the movies LOL. Thanks for sharing, made my day,” said a third.

Hubby – fully recovered – also felt moved to explain his part in the incident. 

“I had finished the job and was on my way out and slipped on the rafter,” he declared. “But I’m fine thanks, for your concern.”

The moral of the story: sometimes it is best to leave things to someone who knows what they are doing.

“If you are tradesman in another trade, then fair enough,” says professional handyman Darren Watkins, who goes by the business name “Handy Husband”. 

“But if you work in an office, I would say leave the trade work to a tradesman. If you think you can do it, you probably can’t.

“The last two jobs I’ve been to this week have been because someone’s husband or brother-in-law has tried to do a job at home, like hanging a door and they’ve stuffed it up. 

“They’ve actually made it worse so it has cost more to fix.”


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