Thorne and Stuart are set to thrill

Lucie Thorn will play at The Bridge Hotel Friday night. PICTURE: CONTRIBUTED.

Lucie Thorn will play at The Bridge Hotel Friday night. PICTURE: CONTRIBUTED.

ELECTRIC guitarist Lucie Thorne is set to thrill audiences at The Bridge Hotel Friday night.

The contemporary songwriter who has been busily working on a new album with drummer Hamish Stuart said audiences could expect a show of folk and rock ‘n’roll, with supporting artists adding to the show’s value.

“Hamish is an exceptional musician and one of my favourite people to play with,” Thorne said.

“The beautiful Suzannah Espie will open; I really love working with her too.

“We will play the old favourites, and will try some new material.”

While it isn't common for bass guitar to be excluded from this particular style of performance, Thorne said it’s what made the duo unique.

“Hamish and I love the absence of a bass, there is a real place of freedom and growing sense of improvising, and space for melodies to step around and morph,” she said.

“I love the combination of the electric guitar and the drums, it has the energy of a band but with space.”

Following their national tour, the duo will head to Europe to finalise their new album which is set to be released at the end of the year.

“I’m not 100 per cent sure how the album will work out, we’ve been working on it over the past few months and will finalise it in Europe,” Thorne said.

“Inspiration comes from anywhere – after all these years of writing and performing I’m delighted about how a small spark can set off a new song.

“I try and stay pretty open to the world around me and catch those songs.”

For Thorne, the past five years have been the icing on the cake with six full-length albums and three EPs to her name, but as most musicians find, the journey didn't have an easy beginning.

“I started out singing jazz, and really wanted to be like Billie Holiday” she said.

“By my mid to late teens I think I started to get frustrated and felt drawn to songs that resonated with things that related to me.

“I moved to Melbourne when I was 18, wrote and played at gigs and kept at it. It’s only in the last five years that singing songs has become a full-time job.”

Thorne and Stuart’s new recording will be the second time the duo have worked together to produce an album.