Jazz wizard Pugsley Buzzard to play in Trentham.

Jazz pianist Pugsley Buzzard is back in Australia following a long overseas tour.
Jazz pianist Pugsley Buzzard is back in Australia following a long overseas tour.


WHAT: Pugsley Buzzard

WHEN: Sunday, August 24, 1pm

WHERE: The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham

POPULAR jazz blues piano player Pugsley Buzzard returns to Australia with his first performance back in Trentham.

Following a Summer Festival tour in Europe and the US to promote his latest album Chasin’ Aces, Buzzard will perform at The Cosmopolitan Hotel on Sunday.

Dazzling audiences from around the world with his New Orleans-styles deep jazz blues, Buzzard has become well known for his distinctive vocals and mesmerising piano playing on stage.

But for Buzzard, it wasn’t a traditional move into piano that kick-started his highly successful career.

“I started on violin when I was quite young,” he said. 

“It was the custom at our house to perform for our relatives when they came around. Myself and my sister had seen some footage of Jimmy Hendrix smashing his guitar and setting it on fire. We conspired to end our ‘concert’ in a similar fashion.

“My sister chickened out, but I trashed the violin. My auntie choked on her sandwich and my grandmother cried. And the words “destructive boy” were issued.

I wasn’t allowed any more instruments for a while but there was a piano in the house. I started playing it and eventually was allowed some lessons. That’s how I came to play piano.”

For Buzzard, it’s more than just playing music.

His enjoyment for jazz has become a passion he loves sharing with fans.

“I enjoy entertaining people,” he said.

“What I like about jazz is the improvisational aspects. It keeps it fresh and interesting for me.”

Buzzard will also play at the Slow Music Festival in Ballarat with Tim Kingsley and Nathan Ford on August 29 to 31.


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