That special day in Ballarat when the sun comes out

The sun came out today. PICTURE: LACHLAN BENCE
The sun came out today. PICTURE: LACHLAN BENCE

Ballarat is bathed in sunshine and the city is celebrating a forecast of 15 degrees.

Today is that special day all Ballafornians look forward to each and every year.

Locals know it well as the city's special day. It's the first day that the bleak grey tide that is our skyline actually starts to break up.

To other parts of the world, 15 degrees and sunshine isn't so exciting, but to Ballarat, it's something to cheer about. From the rooftops. Where the sun is.

Already in this office today, a senior member of staff described the conditions "too good" to be working. If only he'd follow through and let us all out to soak in the oh-so-rare Vitamin D.

Snow in Ballarat on August 1.

Snow in Ballarat on August 1.

But while Ballarat melts at 15 degrees, others rug up to deal with their 'cold snaps' of 16 degrees - such as the conditions described in The NT News last week.

The paper best known for its in-depth coverage of fireworks embedded in various human body parts trumpeted on August 16 that its readers would soon be dealing with 'Icelandic' conditions.

Scarily, the paper warned people to brace for conditions akin to parts of the Northern Hemisphere. In Summer.

The story's headline: 'Get out your winter clothing because it’s bloody freezing.'

So while our northern cousins shiver in sub-20 degree temperatures, us hardier folk in Ballarat a relishing the glorious warmth of our first sunny day in months.

After all, it's Ballarat's special day.

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