Folk music icon to play in Ballarat


WHAT: Jeff Lang

WHEN: Saturday, August 30 doors 7.30pm

WHERE: Main Bar, Main Road

HE LOST count of his albums after they hit double digits, and after adding another album to the collection, Jeff Lang is hitting the road.

Over the past decade Lang has become widely recognised at festivals and pubs for his blending of rock, roots, folk, blues, instrumentals and improvisation, and this Saturday he will perform at the Main Bar in front of what is expected to be a large buzzing crowd.

"I'll be playing songs off my new album I live in my head a lot these days, mixed in with songs from various other albums," he said.

Accumulating material over his entire life, Jeff can't remember not ever having an interest in music.

"I never saw myself doing anything else," he said.

"I did once play clarinet, but I had to make myself practice, but once I got a guitar it became a healthy addiction.

"From that point on that's what I wanted.

"I didn't see it as a career, that just came as time went on."

But it's Lang's live shows that have really added to his unique reputation.

"When I play solo it allows the mood of the night to shape things," he said.

"It has a nice spontaneous freedom about it.

"It's a fun approach just letting the night flow, which is why each show is different."

Lang said he looks forward to returning to Ballarat to play for fans in the area.