Quick thinking neighbour saves cat and house from fire

A EUREKA neighbour has been hailed a hero after rescuing a frightened cat from inside a property.

Kenny Watson broke down his neighbour's back door to save the feline after hearing an explosion on Tuesday afternoon.

He then took to the fire with a garden hose before three CFA units attended the scene to put out the fire.

The CFA said the army veteran's actions saved the house from burning down even though significant damage was done.

The fire destroyed the front left corner of the house, which was unoccupied at the time.

"I heard an explosion, and looked over and the front of the house was engulfed. I ran across the creek and knocked on the windows to wake anyone up if they were sleeping, then kicked in the back door, and the cat came out. I had a look around but it was pretty smoky," said Mr Watson.

"(Then) I pulled out the garden hose and put the fire out."

Incident commander Peter Higgins said he was impressed with Mr Watson's actions.

"He's done a bloody good job," he said, but also made clear not everyone should try to put out a fire alone.

"I wouldn't recommend everyone do that, be aware of your own capabilities."

A cigarette butt is suspected to have caused the fire, which then blew up an aerosol can.

Mr Watson said he was happy he let the cat out, because he also had animals and would be "devastated" to lose any of them.

The CFA also rescued a rabbit from the blaze.


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