Ballarat airport burnoff investigated over forbidden materials

AN investigation has been launched into a Ballarat Council rubbish burnoff believed to contain unapproved materials.

Photos obtained by The Courier, believed to be taken at the site of the burnoff at Ballarat Airport on Monday, show several household items included in the pile.

A discarded mattress, dozens of sticks of timber, a pink couch, a chest of drawers and cement bags all appear to be intertwined with green waste.

Following an inquiry by The Courier, council initially claimed that all material contained in the dump was approved and consisted mostly of green waste.

"Routinely throughout the winter months material from the airport grounds, including all tree stumps and branches, are gathered in a pile," Ballarat council city infrastructure general manager Eric Braslis said in a statement.

"All materials are approved materials for burning and as per recommended practice, CFA were notified of the burn off on Monday morning.

"The heap is burnt at this time of year as part of fire season preparations, when wind conditions have least impact on neighbouring properties."

Following further inquiries by The Courier, the council said an internal investigation begun into what items were in the burn and where the items originated.

"As a result of further information that has come to light, the City of Ballarat is now undertaking an internal review of what was burnt and how it came to be included in the pile of approved material," Mr Braslis said.

A council spokesperson said the investigation was still in progress on Wednesday.


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