Snake Valley man smashed mirror over former partner, court

A SNAKE VALLEY man who smashed a mirror over his ex-partner's head before threatening to kill her with a pocket knife, could avoid jail.

Brett Lawrence Lundberg, 36, left the mother of his son fearing for her life on March 6 last year after he broke into her home and proceeded to assault her and threaten her life.

The County Court at Ballarat on Friday heard Lundberg had consumed 10 Dextroamphetamine tablets, beer, bourbon and champagne before he drove more than half an hour to the victim's home, arriving shortly before 4am.

Crown prosecutor Patrick Bourke said the victim, who had an order preventing Lundberg from coming to her home, awoke to the sound of someone outside.

Mr Bourke said the victim got out of bed and turned on lights to try to locate the noise, but found nothing.

The court heard she was later peering out her laundry window when she saw Lundberg's face staring back at her.

Mr Bourke said Lundberg entered the home and chased the victim into her bedroom where he grabbed her by the throat and smashed a large mirror over her head.

The court heard Lundberg then dragged the victim into the kitchen and produced a pocket knife, unfolding the blade and placing it on his lap.

"I told you I was going to kill you, you are dead...," Lundberg threatened.

Mr Bourke said the victim eventually escaped and ran to a neighbour's home and called police.

Interviewed in March this year, Lundberg made some admissions, but said he couldn't remember most of the allegations, nor could he remember driving to the victim's home or leaving.

Lundberg pleaded guilty to charges of intentionally causing injury, making threats to kill, criminal damage and breaching an intervention order.

A defence barrister told the court Lundberg had long suffered both psychical and psychological problems, adding her was cognitively impaired and had an IQ of 69.

The barrister said Lundberg had "clear" anger issues and had sought counselling in the past for drug and alcohol abuse.

The barrister asked Judge Frank Gucciardo to consider assessing Lundberg for a community corrections order and said his client had already served two months on remand after his arrest.

Mr Bourke refuted the barrister's submission and said immediate jail was the only appropriate disposition.

Judge Gucciardo ordered Lundberg be assessed for a community corrections order, but said he was also considering such an order be accompanied by a term of imprisonment.

He will be sentenced at a date to be fixed.