More Aussies die falling out of bed than terrorism

THERE have been huge amounts of media and political hype over ''terrorism'' threats, not to mention the billions (probably trillions if one counts the invasion of Iraq) of dollars spent and curtailment of our basic freedoms. But what are the real threats?

Figures from Bureau of Statistics show that over the 10 years, 2003-12, deaths to Australians caused by terrorism was 133, compared to such causes as falls out of bed (417), domestic violence (870) and the list goes on.

Meanwhile over the last 24 hours there has been minimal media coverage of the UN World Meteorological Agency's latest report showing greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere are at a record high and of the WMO head's comment "we are running out of time''. The loss of Australian life due to global warming is likely to far outstrip other causes.

But global warming issues will disappear from the media again while we are going to get more media/political over-the-top alarmism on terrorism.

Makes one feel very pessimistic whether humanity has the wit to deal with the real global threats.


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