Lake Wendouree the only place in Ballarat to vote Liberal

THE only polling place inside Ballarat that preferred the Liberal Party to the Labor Party is situated on the banks of Lake Wendouree - the city's most expensive place to live.

Voters at the Pleasant Street Primary School - opposite the southern bank of Lake Wendouree and situated among the highest-valued real estate in the city -  preferred their Liberal Party candidate after two party preferences were distributed, according to the VEC.

All other built-up areas preferred Labor.

In total, there were just seven polling booths inside the Buninyong and Wendouree districts where voting was skewed in the Coalition's favour.

Other than Pleasant Street, the potato-growing areas of Clarkes Hill, Bungaree and Springbank voted the Coalition after preferences, while nearby Warrenheip also trended conservative.

On the very fringes of the Buninyong district, Mt Wallace and Lethbridge also returned Coalition-skewed results.

Last Saturday's Victorian election was seen to be a chance for the Liberal Party to snatch power in at least one of the Ballarat-based seats, but the votes instead swung in Labor's favour.

The data used for this interactive map and story was taken from the Victorian Electoral Commission website at 10am, December 4 and incorporated 60 per cent of the recheck.