Meredith Music Festival 2014 draws thousands

THE standard "festival head", as they like to be known, is generally well inebriated, sweaty and covered in dirt. 

And that was exactly the case in the dry paddocks near Meredith on Saturday afternoon as thousands of music-lovers braved searing temperatures for another dose of music bliss, courtesy of the 24th annual Meredith Music Festival. 

About 10,000 people swayed and bopped to the rhythmic sounds of American indie-rock band Cloud Nothings on Saturday, with many fighting (not literally) for a spot in the shade. 

For Melbourne festival aficionado Danny Tolder, his third "aunty Meredith" experience was all about the music.

"Look, mate I think I can speak for everyone here when I say this... we come for the music," the 23-year-old said while busting a move this journo has never seen. 

"And it's kind of cool to dance in the dirt where the cows and sheep have been roaming around."

The open shower spot was also popular on Saturday as the temperature topped 30 degrees. 

Casey Ploome, who'd driven with friends from Adelaide for the event, said the weather had been perfect. 

"Some will tell you it is too hot, but it's just right," she said. 

"And the heat makes it even better when it finally gets dark and the temperature drops... everyone gets another burst of much-needed energy."

Many at the festival were already hanging for 11pm when the revolutionary New York hip-hop band De La Soul was expected to take the stage.