See Ballarat's weather change through the seasons

BALLARAT is of course known for its winter months - seemingly a tourism campaign failure somewhere along the line.

A much smarter marketing move to lure outsiders would have been to focus on its three other seasons - all incredibly stunning from almost any angle.

The Courier's Kate Healy once spent the year of 2015 capturing all four seasons from more than 20 amazing vantage points across the city.

The result? Truly spectacular.

Check it out here.

Healy began her project in Autumn last year and has now finally finished her labour of love.

"I'm happy with the result," she said.

"I knew I had to choose locations that would change dramatically over time, so Autumn was a good time to start."

Healy said while Winter was indeed "gloomy" in Ballarat, it was great to see things rebound in Spring.

She spent three hours each shooting day re-tracing her steps to line-up previous shots.

With the project complete, Healy was quick to answer which was her favourite season to shoot in.

"Definitely Autumn. it's really pretty in Ballarat."


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